14 Oct 2010

Building a brand

In a perfect world, there would be no boundaries within companies and organisations.   The practice often falls far short of the ideal theory.

Creative Nation (the creative production consultancy I am part of) address just that in their latest post.   It also brought to mind the discussions which took place at yesterday's Jump event organised by the lovely people at eConsultancy.   We talked about how the silos need to be broken down to create the seamless experience that customers expect.   How true. 

Why should consumers expect to receive a different message or customer experience when dealing with the online off-shoot of an offline company, servive, product or organisation?   The obvious media issues aside, the message should be the same.   Companies, organisations, service providers and product development and sales need to start having conversations with customers.

In a world where ROI is king, we all need to start thinking about how we can dissolve barriers and work together.   Digital remains in the vanguard of these moves and many companies are starting to make moves in the right direction. 

Tomorrow sees the AoP summit where simlar issues have long been discussed.   In addition, there will be round tables on subjects like the place of content in the digital world, ROI and monetisation and how organisations can work better internally to deliver ROI.

We live in interesting times!

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