28 Oct 2010

Leadership in a Socially Networked World

The world of social networking is still viewed as a frontier, a dangerous one at that.   It shouldn't be.    

Proactive business leaders who are dealing with the issue and helping employees, are finding that social media is well within their comfort zone.   How and why?   This great piece from CIO.com tells it like it is.    

In an earlier post I referred to the importance of treating social media as part of the marketing mix and ensuring that tracking and ROI were paramount.    Together these pieces reflect my view of what social media can do for organisations and how.   To enable it to happen of course, you need to get the experts in.   We, at Creative Nation, can help.

In related news it looks as though MySpace has finally woken up to the basic principles of SEO, user centred design and usability.   A major re-design of MySpace will roll out in the next few months, get a sneak preview here.

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