27 Oct 2010

Google soars: Digg and The Times wither

Hot on yesterday's post came a comment to Paid Content from someone naming themselves 'Times Worker'.   It may be someone being mischievous, it may be someone with a grievance OR it may be someone telling something close to the truth.

As Google accounts for a record amount of web traffic (6.4%), Digg expires . . . or at least withers away.    Digg's demise has been put down to the departure of the founding members on large payouts and the re-design.   But I'd question that.   The rise of Twitter may also have something to do with it.   Digg's social bookmark model seems 'quaint' by comparison  with Twitter.   I was an early adopter of Digg, but I also confess to having gradually stopped using it in favour of Twitter and other social media over the last couple of years . . . and the thing is, I didn't miss Digg.

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