27 Jan 2011

Find me!

I've been busy with many work (and non-work) related projects.   As a result I've tended to focus on one blog - you'll find a lot here:


5 Jan 2011

The foundations of a media organisation

This is an interesting post I saw on Media Helping Media.   It described media businesses as having four legs, like a table. These are:
  • The media organisation's target audience
  • The core editorial proposition that it offers to that audience
  • The market that sustains the business
  • The values that the business holds dear

It's an interesting and solid analysis - worth a look.

4 Jan 2011

2011: Predictions

Everyone is at it.   I thought I'd join in too.   I've drawn together the trends and developments I see shaping 2011.   Drawn in part from JWT: 100 things to watch in 2011, trendwatching.com, PaidContent: UK, Mashable, TechCrunch and others . . .these are by no means perfect, they are my 'view' if you will. 

Trends in 2011 - http://lnkd.in/G3a78E - what do you think?

7 Dec 2010

Google - Reputation Ranking

Raising your Google ranking is high on most online wish-lists. The New York Times' report suggests that  a spectacles reseller was able to gain excellent Google ranking due to dozens of complaints on forums.

The New York Times thought that the multitude of comments, largely negative, were mistakenly interpreted as popularity by Google’s algorithms. In fact what was happening was some rather shady grey/black hay SEO work as explained in detail here - tssk!

Google has rushed in a fix to resolve this issue. As usual, not much has been given away about how they arrived at a solution. What is certain is that people saying bad things about you could now directly impact your search rankings. Take this seriously.

Get your reputation, SEO and social media right and you'll be fine. Don't skimp. Your reputation is worth something, after all you've probably spent years building it up, don't throw it away.

New Blog - But this one continues . . .

I've started a new blog here - http://sanjitchudha.wordpress.com/ - to accomodate interests and comments on other matters and to ensure that this blog remains focused.   I'll continue to blog here too.  

28 Oct 2010

The UK Internet Economy

Measuring the impact of the internet on the UK economy is notoriously hard.  Boston Consulting Group have made a brave stab at giving it a go.   The results?   That the internet contributes at least £100 billion to the UK economy, about 7.2% of GDP.   There are regional differences and it comes as no suprise that London leads the way.   That said, the East of England and Scotland aren't far behind. 

According to the report, commissioned by Google, if the internet was an economic sector it would be the fifth largest and outweigh the construction, transport and utilities industries in the UK  Around 60 per cent of the £100bn figure is due to internet consumption according to the report.   The remainder of the money is from the UK's internet infrastructure, government IT spending and net exports.  For every £1 spent online to import goods, £2.80 is exported helping to make the UK the world's leading nation for e-commerce, according to the report - this compares to exports of 90p for every £1 imported in the offline economy.

It's a great report so do take a look.