29 Sep 2010

September 2010

It has been a busy month with a short break in-between.   I am now working with Creative Nation as Digital Director, find out how and more about what we do from Creative Nation News.

Whilst on a brief break (to France) I got to thinking about how France was changing and how some of those changes (social and economic) seemed to entrench stereotypes, theirs of us, ours of them, everyone about everyone else.   Then this came long - it's a hoot!

We've been engaged on some branding projects recently and whilst researching that I came across this little nugget - blue is the colour for sure.   Personally I can't help thinking it a very 'safe' option, implying seriousness and solidity in much the same way as Estate Agents used to tell you to pain your front door dark blue in the 1980s.

Whilst on the subject of branding I was quite taken by this post from Felix Velarde about why Brands should engage with the social web.   I'll be speaking at a conference in October on how Social Media has the scope to not only help Brands but also how it can (positively) change their internal structures and dynamics.   Whilst on that subject, this post from Christian Howes of WebTrends tells it like it is . . .

. . . and finally, I couldn't agree more with this post from Inspired Outsiders, genius and so true.  

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