15 Apr 2010

Recommended Agency: Creative Nation

Creative Nation provide the production consultancy and project management of creative output you need to deliver great results for your brand.

The showreel below showcases some of what they can do . . . but there is much more.   Find out more from the Creative Nation website and blog.

Creative Nation Showreel V3 from Creative Nation on Vimeo.

Creative Nation are interesting for many reasons.   Their excellent work aside, Creative Nation's innovative business model suggests a new template for the agency business model.  

Creative Nation work by establishing a brief with a client and then assembling the talent to match the requirements.   So far, so good.   But, the difference lies in their approach.   Instead of a permanent staff pool (with the cost base and talent limitations that implies), Creative Nation operate a flexible pool of talent tailored to suit each brief.   For clients this means minimal costs with maximum impact and delivery.  

I have worked with them in the past, so you might see this as an endorsement . . . I confess, I am a fan.

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